We still have honey bee queens for sale Indianapolis Indiana

We still have honey bee queen for sale

We still have honey bee queens for sale. We are local to Indianapolis, Indiana if you would like to pick them up. Otherwise we can ship them to you.

Many people prefer to re-queen their hives in the late summer/ early fall time. Whether it is due to genetics, or a struggling weak hive. Because of this we continuously have queen’s being hatched and mated. There are also articles that state a queen raised after the summer equinox, that the following year the queen will still be considered a year old queen. This gives you the ability of producing your fall/winter bee’s and still have a good strong laying queen for the following year(s).

But we will be slowing down soon, when the hives start kicking out drone’s due to lack of resources. Some beekeepers (even south of us) are already seeing their hives kicking the boy’s to the curb. However, we are still doing fine, and still have plenty of drone’s for proper mating. We will probably have one more batch of queens available until about mid September, after that it is all dependent on the weather.

When you buy a queen from us, they are laying queens (not virgin) and we check that prior to putting her in a cage. Our queens are raised natural queen cell’s by the bee’s themselves. Studies have shown this produces a better queen than what a person could ever graft. We will put 6-8 attendants in with her (seven are required for USPS shipping insurance).

Queens cost $35.00 ea, shipping extra.

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