Limited amount of Raw Cut comb honey - Fear NO Honey Bee

Limited amount of Raw Cut comb honey

Fearnobee has a limited amount of raw cut comb honey available.  This is raw, unfiltered honey comb in it’s most natural state.  There are many benefits of eating and using cut comb honey.  As bee’s bring back pollen from flowers, traces of that fall’s off their body and can be immersed in the wax and honey.  Many allergy sufferers can find this will help them relieve their symptoms.

Our bee’s are encouraged to draw their own wax.  We do not use ANY foundation in the frames (commercial nor organic).  Thus it is all natural ingredients that goes into the making of the honey comb.  You may also see some “wavy” pieces of cut comb.  We let the bee’s make it and fill it the way they wanted versus forcing them to build it based upon perception.  Although some people complain about the wax sticking to their teeth/mouth.  If you spread it on a warm piece of toast or bagel or warm cereal you will find that it is less likely to get stuck.

We harvest limited amounts in this style, although we love to eat it ourselves.  This harvest ran from May – August 1.  The nectar (honey) that it contains varies greatly.  From wild flowers (clover(s) including white, yellow and dutch, sunflower, echinacea, mint, strawberry, alfalfa), gardens (pumpkin, cucumber, watermelon) and tree’s (locust, basswood, catalpa)  Thus it has a varied taste to it.  Mostly light, very naturally sweet, with a hint of floral.

Limited raw cut comb harvest

Limited raw cut comb harvest

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