Information about oxalic acid vaporizer

Information about Oxalic Acid Vaporizers

I’ve had several contact me about using Oxalic Acid vaporizer. I’ve been reading all sorts of research about it. I’ll post external links below, but here is short summary:

  • Oxalic acid is considered organic, as it is found naturally in various vegetables (spinach, rhubarb
  • In EU it has been under deep study and they have been using it since 2003 (11 years now in my opinion is a good study time of it’s effects)
  • Oxalic can already be found in the hive.  Studies have shown that using it to vaporize did not increase the before and after ppm of oxalic acid
  • There are 2 methods of applying OA (oxalic acid)
  1. Drizzle – There needs to be no capped brood, and no nectar flow.  High concentrations can kill bee’s
  2. Vaporize – Does not harm bee’s, brood, larvae, queen, honey or wax.  I have yet to find anyone with information that there are downsides.  Yes you can burn a couple of bee’s if they touch the heating tray/element



FearNoBee will be offering OA treatments to the small apiary, contact us today if you would like to talk more.  We will also be selling vaporizers at some point in the near future, contact us if you would like to order one.

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