Candy Board Installation - Fear NO Honey Bee

Candy Board Installation

Here we are doing candy board installations. We did this November 11, 2014. The weather was changing quickly. We went from high’s in the 50°F’s (12°C) to high of 35°F (1°C) and low’s down to 8°F (-13°C).

While we were doing the board installation, we also did a visual inspection. Basically checking the frames for honey, amount of bee’s, etc.. without removing the frames. I wanted the heat loss to be minimal and a little disruption to the bee’s at this point of the year as possible.

The candy board frame it’s self has a 1/2″ hole drilled in one end. This allows for an upper entrance for the bee’s. It also allows for upper air flow thus reducing the amount of condensation inside the hive.

As to the actual candy making process and recipe, see our article Making Hard Sugar Candy – Winter feeding


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