Honey Bees for sale Indianapolis Indiana

Buying Honey Bee’s

Honey Bee’s for Sale, Indianapolis, Indiana

We offer for sale honey bee’s in central Indiana.  We are able to offer Don “The Fat Bee Man” “sting-less” bee genetics since we are commercial student of Don.  They are a mixed breed of Carniolan, feral stock, and some russian. These bee’s come from GA.  However, they have not been sent to CA for Almond pollination.  Time frames below are an average weather year.  It all depends on “Mother Nature”  We should know about 2 weeks before the exact date.  If you are not sure see our Bee FAQ

Packages – Sold Out

We will offer 2# packages of “Don the Fatbeeman” “sting-less” (includes queen).  Accepting orders for (mid/late April) on first paid, first taken basis.  Exact delivery date determined by weather.  All prices are for local pickup.  Cancellation fee after March 1, 2015 is $55.00  Full payment is due to confirm your order

Started Package – $150

We will be offering Started Packages.  These are packages that we will take and put into a new 5 Frame Nuc box.  They will get 5 frames of new foundation which allows them to get right to work and the queen to start laying.  You take the whole box home with you (nuc box, frames, bottom and lid)

Started Packages – Is special offering from us.  If you have heard that packages can be difficult, this option is for you.  We take a package like the above, and put them into a 5 frame box.    We take all the risk, of absconding, chilled brood, queen being accepted and queen laying.  You get bee’s that are ready to go, and nearly ready to hatch brood as well as pollen /nectar frames.  You get a 5 frame box that will have egg’s and brood at various stages and you take the whole box home.
There are options to the Started Package.  You can choose  to have either Deep (normal) or Medium frames/ hive body (at no additional cost).
These will be available 2 week after our normal packages have arrived.  You have the option of checking it before you take it home.
Accepting orders for (mid/late April) on first paid, first taken basis.  Cost is $150.00 + ($10.00 Nuc box deposit).  Deposit of $10.00 is for the box, bottom and lid, you keep the frames and bee’s.  Cancellation fee after March 1, 2015 is $75.00.  Full payment is due to confirm your order

Nuc’s – $175

Frame Nuc (Nucleus colony)  Your choice in either Deep or Medium size.  You will get 1-2 frames of honey/pollen/nectar and 2-3 frames of brood in various stages.  Frames include our own local, treatment free, locally milled wax foundation.  We prefer a BYOB (bring your own box) but if you don’t have one we can offer various options for additional cost.

Accepting orders for (late April/early May) on first paid, first taken basis, 5 frame Nuc is $175.00.  Cancellation fee $100.00

Queens – $30

Queens are mated and laying, cost $30.00  Shipping is extra

Custom Services

Need help with your bee’s?  We can offer onsite assistance.  Contact us to discuss   All of our bee’s/queens come with a satisfaction guaranteed.  If your queen die’s or you are not happy, contact us to make arrangements.

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