About Us - Fear NO Honey Bee

About Us

About us?  We are a family of beekeepers located in Indianapolis, IN (aka Indy)  and raise honey bee’s.  We offer Honey Bee’s for sale.  If you are wanting to purchase queens or a Nuc (nucleus) then you are at the right place.  Our bee’s are gentle enough that you can work them without a veil or jacket nor gloves, hence (FearNo honey bee).  This is perfect for backyard urban/suburban homes in central Indiana.  We do not put any chemicals on the bee’s and use natural chemical free wax that we harvest ourselves from our own bee’s.Commercial student of Don the “Fat Bee Man”  If you have seen his you tube video’s where he gives tips and tricks, imagine having full time access to his knowledge as a student.

We are members of both of Indiana’s bee clubs.

We do not put any toxic chemicals on the bee’s and use natural chemical free beeswax (foundation) that we harvest from our own bee’s.

At any give time you may see or hear one of the family in the video.  There are now 5 of us total, although it may be a while before you see the youngest out there.  We all enjoy seeing the bee’s and working them.  We live in a typical “suburban” neighborhood, and can attest with first hand knowledge about raising bee’s “in the city”

We are located in (Indy) Indianapolis, IN  We offer 5 frame Nuc (lang hive) bee’s and queens.


This photo was taken before we had gentle genetics.  Now you will see us regularly doing hive inspections without suit / veil / gloves.

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